New Life for Broken Dishes

Broken china and ceramics have several uses. An internet search will show you how to make jewelry, wreaths, and mosaic projects for furniture, mirrors, paving stones, etc. When my daughter broke a hand-colored bank, we used the pieces to line our flower pots (to keep the cats from scratching in them, but they look pretty too!). The pieces could also be used for drainage at the bottom of a pot. Before you throw broken items away, find out what you can do with them!


What creative uses can you think of for broken pottery and china? Please share!

3 thoughts on “New Life for Broken Dishes

  1. I don’t have cats but think the pottery looks better than just dirt under the greenery. it makes the plant stand out. You should re-post this or at least link to it. You know I love posts on any and all ideas to reduce trash.

    • Thanks, Lois. I may revisit this post when I can find some time and try to add more photos and links to it. I appreciate your having a look at it and your helpful suggestions!

      • You are welcome, I once used a few blue stones inside a glass container I used as a planter thinking it would look nice, they became dirty and blended in with the soil so I liked your idea of putting them on the top of the soil instead.

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